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REQUESTED by boogieman

The Action- Rolled Gold (1967-68)


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ge dijo...

insanely excellent album, my RYM revue:
IF you like late 60s British rock-psych; tough-not-fey production/vibe; white-soulful vox; and mixing electric/acoustic elements (think: a cross among BEATLES + ZOMBIES + TRAFFIC + SMALL FACES, even a lil' BYRDS feel occasionally), you shimply MUSHT try ROLLED GOLD, which compares to the cream of these groups' output!!

-"the Ac-WHO-"!? you might well say...and
"Where have they been all our life?; A gem beyond price has languished all these years unsavored," we reply enthusiasmically!

We very rarely care to replay any c.d. over and over but this one warrants such: well-crafted blend of nonchalance poetry and passion, delicacy and yarbles, hooks and chops and pacing and SONGS up there with the legends. The news that this cohesive album was only DEMO'S* ('haps fortuitous in retrovision) catapults one's estimation higher still.

Singer Reg King: on ROLLED'S strength his visage deserves a spot on some Rushmore-in-Avalon alongside fellow soulful Brits Winwood/Marriott/Reid/Lloyd/Stewart...: just hoarse enough/just sweet enough (+ a 'secret': optimal use throughout of unison doubletracking...perfection.)

ROLLED GOLD'S production is on the raw/monoish/hotly-compressed side-- a flute/piano occasionally to augment the basic guitar quartet formula & keep things unexpected-- suiting the songs & performances to a Tee (just to offer another clue to their magic brew).

boogieman dijo...

Thanks for the two uploads, Carlos, really fast.
Best regards from the South pacific,