sábado, 25 de octubre de 2008

Actors can sing too

Robert Mitchum- Calypso is like so... (1957)

PASSWORD: matt-o-rach

William Shatner- The transformed man (1968)


Richard Harris- The yard went on forever (1968)


Leonard Nimoy- The touch of Leonard Nimoy (1969)


Richard Harris- A tramp shining (1971)


Telly Savalas- Telly (1974)


Telly Savalas- Who loves ya Baby (1976)


or just speak with an orchestra

John Wayne- America, why I love her (1973)

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ge dijo...

Mitchum's family and mine moved to the same part of Maryland in the 1960s. His daughter was a year older than me; a friend went to a party at their house and at one point peeked into a room where very loud music was playing. There was Mitchum alone, and what my friend guessed was marijuana smoke in the air. Possibly sensing he was being watched or just to amuse himself, the actor walked over to the stereo, turned it down and farted, then turned it up again!