viernes, 2 de mayo de 2008

Blues & Jazz

The Climax Chicago Blues Band- First (1969)

Blues Image- Open (1970)

Jack Mcduff- The heatin' system (1972)

Mick Abrahams- Mick's back (1996)

4 comentarios:

Carlos dijo...

Ah! Boa musica.
Continua Daniel. dijo...

Thanks, Carlos.
Your supporting words are the best words for me, a young music lover.

¡¡Muito obrigado, colega!!

SMQ dijo...

Dear Dani,
thanks a lot for the fantastic music
unfortunately the link for the very rare
Rick Nelson- Rudy the fifth (1971)
is gone
Would it be possible to repost it please?
Best wishes

KODRA dijo...

Sorry, but Mick not back...because link is dead.I like it Mick Abrahams, and what now?