miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008


Rod Stewart- Live in Australia (1977)


Jethro Tull- Live in Germany (1982)


John Lee Hooker- Live at Montreux Jazz Festival (1983)


Joe Cocker- Live (1990)

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Bob Dylan- Live in Dallas (2008)


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hairymcyimyam dijo...

Spooky Tooth - Cross Purpose: http://ifolder.ru/4792976

Daniel García dijo...

Thanks a lot, hairymcyimyam.
However, I've always thought that Ifolder is the worst sharing site.

Sorry, but lotta thanks.

screentalk dijo...

Hi Daniel,

I think there is something wrong with your links for "Bob Dylan - Live in Dallas". I get twice the second part and miss the first one. Any help?

Anyway, thanks for your great work!

Daniel García dijo...

Hi, Screentalk, thanks for your words, folk!!

I have changed the links and I think that they will be OK. If not, tell me quickly, ha ha ha!!!

Cheers, man!!

screentalk dijo...

Thanks man, now it works. Dylan is one of my heros, so I am very pleased about "Live in Dallas" (pretty good quality). See you!

Daniel García dijo...

Of course Dylan is a hero!!
I've got a lot of bootlegs, If you're interested in anyone, just tell me so, man, and I try to find it in my collection.
One of my favourites is the last appearance of Mike Bloomfield in a concert in 1980, with Dylan.
If you want it, I was thinking in posting ASAP.

screentalk dijo...

Yeah, I have Dylan/Bloomfield, it's great! Thanks for your kind offer, I will keep in mind.

Daniel García dijo...

Well, pity. I bought a bootleg in PRAGUE!!, two years ago, the quality is terrific. It is about the Gospel "Saved" and "Shot of love" albums. People usually hates this time, but I admire Dylan doing Gospel, beacuse It's no other thing.
The album is called House of Judah, recorded in 1981, and with three bonus tracks.
I bought a jewel.

Cheers, man, and thanks again for your words.