viernes, 16 de mayo de 2008

Bob Dylan Bootlegs II

Highway 61 revisited again (1965), Highway 61's outtakes

Peco's blues (1973), Pat Garrett's outtakes

Blood on the tapes (1974), Blood on the tracks outtakes

Rough Cuts (1983), Infidels's outtakes

Tempest storm (1985), Empire Burlesque's outtakes

Stuck inside of New York (1988)

Ring them bells (1989), Oh Mercy's outtakes

Live in Motril, Spain (2002)

Live in Guadalajara, Mexico (2008)

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screentalk dijo...

Well my friend, here I am again. I see, you push Dylan :-)
Unfortunately there is a little mistake in your "Live in Guadalajara"-post. Twice part 3, but no part 2. I'm looking forward ...

See you!

Daniel García dijo...

Hi to you, the blog prowler!!!

I'm going to change it ASAP, man. Great quality of this boot.

See you soon!!!

screentalk dijo...

Well, you are really fast. Thanks a lot. Good quality, but even better is "Live in Motril", absolutely fantastic.

By the way: do you have any lossless (ape or flac) Dylan bootlegs? Yes, I admit, I am a lossless-freak.

But of course, mp3 is better than nothing.
I will have a great Dylan-weekend!
Thank you!!!

Daniel García dijo...

You're welcome. Lossless tracks are, of course, better than mp3, but I must say that they're harder to find.
Enfin, je chercherai pour mon collection.

Man, I hope your Dylanite weekend will be as great as mine...


screentalk dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.
screentalk dijo...

My Dylan-weekend is perfect!
--> Bob Dylan Bootlegs III


lcdlover dijo...

Wonderful blog and great sets of music.

The thing is, I can't find the password to the "blood on the tapes" elpee
Tanks in advance