lunes, 9 de junio de 2008

David Bromberg

David Bromberg (1971)

With the Fabulous Torpedoes (1972) NO COVERS, SORRY

Live (1975) NO COVERS, SORRY

How late'll ya play (1977)

Part one:
Part two:

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Joseph "Jon" Lanthier dijo...

Great post! Does anyone have "Midnight on the Water" or "Demon in Disguise"?

uros dijo...

I am very glad that I have found your blog yesterday. What a beautiful music you share here. Very rare and delicious too.
Just wanna ask you a few tghings:
first: can you reupload the second part from David Bromberg and The Fabulous Torpedoes, and second: can you do something with the last song of Mike Harrison's album Rainbow Raider and do you maybe have his other two albums fro the seventies. Can you be so kind and answer me back what is the situation.
Thanks in advance.

Anónimo dijo...

have a look at
there you find a great DAVID Bromberg post