lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

Dylan 2008 tour

The 23th he'll be in my city and I have my ticket!!!

St. John
's Newfoundland

Warsaw, Poland


Vienna, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

4 comentarios:

screentalk dijo...

You are a very lucky man!!!

Daniel García dijo...

Yes, I am!!
Dylan is God and I want to see God singing this inmortal songs.

Lay lady lay? Tangled up in blue?

You'll never know, man.

I'll show my video recordings, ha,ha,ha!!!!!

screentalk dijo...

Thanks for the new shows!

And enjoy God later this month!

Daniel García dijo...

Well, I'm always waiting for new material, but you know, It's not a hurry process.
I love to post this Dylan shows.

Enjoy, man!!!